It is found on Highway No. 706, and features sweeping sand dunes and beautiful rows of palm trees. The beach is shallow and sloped, the water is clean and blue and the sun rarely hides behind clouds. There are desolate and primeval beaches that have never witnessed human exploitation as well as imposing landscapes.

There is also Doi Cat (Sand Hill), which has long been a creative subject of artistic photographs and paintings. Besides beaches and sand dunes, there are also beautiful landscapes such as Suoi Tien (Fairy Spring), the Ong Hoang Building and the Poshanu Cham Tower.

Mui Ne has long been considered the "Hawaii" of Vietnam. It boasts shady roads under coconut trees, a beautiful beach and cliffs battered by the waves of the sea.

The typical scenery of Mui Ne lies in the moving lines of golden sand caused by the wind and when they are seen from afar they look like moving waves. The scenery looks more fascinating at dawn, when young Cham girls in green dresses go to work. That's why no photographer fails to visit this area. Mui Ne is an ideal place for rest and relaxation. Visitors can certainly enjoy swimming in the blue water of the sea, climbing the sand dunes or relaxing by a swimming pool. In fact this oasis entertainment people of all ages, and furthermore, provides an endless inspiration to the artists' creation.

What to Do?

Besides relaxing on the beach, popular activities include golf at the Ocean Dunes Golf Club, a top-notch 18-hole golf course designed by Nick Faldo or a visit to the spectacular sand dunes of Hon Rom (sand sledding available!) or to the nearby 8th century Cham architecture.

Mui Ne has also become a popular destination for kitesurfing and windsurfing, with the best wind from November to April, and is also one of the few destinations in Vietnam for surfing, with waves from August to December.

When to Go?

The weather in Phan Thiet is roughly the same all year hot and dry with an average temperature of around 27 degrees. The rainy season begins in May and runs through October, but the rain is often light and sporadic. The waves are best from August to December, and the wind is best from November to April, so never really a bad time to go.

How to get there?

Car or Bus: The most convenient way to get to Mui Ne is by car from Ho Chi Minh - the road is in good condition with a variety of resorts and restaurants along the way. There are also a number of tourist buses that run this route, which can easily be arranged within HCMC in the Pham Ngu Lao backpacker area. The trip is about 3 to 4 hour drive.

Train: The closest train station to Phan Thiet is in Muong Man, 12km west of Phan Thiet, and the Reunification Express train between Hanoi and HCMC stops here. From Muong Man travelers can take a car, motorbike or bus to Phan Thiet or Mui Ne.

Travel tips

Most of the hotels and resorts in Mui Ne can arrange private car transport for you from HCMC or Nha Trang, but it is generally cheaper to book the car separately.

If you are taking the open tour bus to or from Phan Thiet or Mui Ne, be sure to reconfirm your seat for the return leg, as advised on your ticket. The bus gets crowded on weekends and if you do not reconfirm, they may give away your seat!
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