Nha Trang is the main town of Khanh Hoa Province. Nha Trang took its name from "latrang" (river reeds), was settled originally by the champa people in the first century AD. Its legendary pristine beauty is known through out Southeast Asia. A land of its picturesque coastline and wide shady French boulevards dotted with sidewalk cafes. The beach appears with soft white sand, surrounded by warm, turquoise waters filled with sea life and dotted with scattered islands.

The city of Nha Trang is becoming more popular with the tourists in recent years. Yet, with a population of 300,000, Nha Trang still retains its small town atmosphere. This resort town is well known for its miles of beach and the friendliness of its people. The city is flanked by nearly ten kilometers of prime beach where the water is warm year round. The average temperature in Nha Trang is 26 C. Nha Trang also has the lowest level of humidity in all of Vietnam. Today, Nha Trang ranks among the top of all beaches in Vietnam. Nha Trang is 1,287 km south of Hanoi, 624 km south of Hue and 442 km from Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon). Nha Trang has several famous islands. Most notable are Hon Tre, Hon Yen, Hon Rua and the Spratly islands.

Upon arriving to Nha Trang, most tourists will pass through downtown. Beyond the rows of businesses and homes will be Nha Trang beach. Tran Phu Boulevard is Nha Trang most famous thoroughfare. It runs the length of the beach with several major hotels located within a few steps from the beach. Unlike most major city in Vietnam where the primary mode of transportation is the motorbike, many people of Nha Trang still walk or use the bicycle as their means of getting around. This adds to the tranquillity of the town. There is very little pollution or noise from motor vehicles.

Sightseeings in Nha Trang With many universities, academies, research institutes, colleges, vocational schools, and centers for applying scientific-technological advances, Nha Trang has become a center for training and scientific research of Southern Central Vietnam. A famous specialty of Nha Trang (and also of Khanh Hoa) is the edible swift let nests. All the islands hosting the swift lets are within Nha Trang's territories.

Typical landscapes and beautiful sites in Nha Trang are Ponagar Tower Temples, Chong Rocks, Do Islet, Yen Islands, Noi Island, Ngoai Island, Mieu Island, Tre Island, Tam Island, Mun Island, Lao Island, Thi Island, Lo River, Tien Beach, Ngoc Thao isle, La-San Hill, Bao Dai Villas, Long Son Pagoda, the White Buddha Statue, Tri Nguyen Aquarium, the Water Palace, Da Hang Pagoda, etc.

What to Do?

Most tourists in Nha Trang spend much of their days relaxing on the beach, taking boat trips to the nearby islands, and snorkeling and scuba diving, and their evenings experiencing the local restaurants, bars and nightlife.

Nha Trang, however, has many attractions away from the beach, including a visit to the Thap Ba hot spring and mud baths, the Po Nagar Cham Tower, and the Oceanographic Institute, among others. A large market, which includes a night market, also opened in 2006.

When to Go?

Nha Trang is warm year round, with an average temperature of 23 ºC. It also has the lowest level of humidity in all of Vietnam. Generally, the best time to visit is between late January and October, with the rainy season in the remaining months.

How to get there?

Vietnam Airlines has daily flights connecting Nha Trang with HCMC, Hanoi, and Danang. Since availability is limited, it is recommended to book in advance for high season, holidays and weekends.

Alternatively, Nha Trang is also well served by the North-South trains connecting Hanoi (20 hours), Danang (12 hours) and HCMC (12 hours).

Another popular option for those on a budget are the open-tour buses the journey is approximately 11-12 hours from HCMC, 4-5 hours from Dalat, 12-14 from Danang, and around 4 hours from Phan Thiet.

Travel tips

On the beach, vendors sell about everything you might need, including fruit, massages, drinks, books, providing a convenient service or an inconvenient hassle depending on your outlook. If you find it to be a hassle, don't support them.

The Nha Trang airport was previously just 5-10 minutes from town, but now is more than 40 minutes away, and some guide books are still not updated. Please plan accordingly.

Please take care when choosing a scuba diving operator or boat operator. Some of the companies use outdated equipment and are not environmentally friendly to the marine ecosystem. For all boat trips, but especially for scuba diving, the cheapest option is often not the best; please use a reputable company.
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